About TFP

About TFP

Investing without Strategic Tax Planning is like planning for failure.


TFP services are designed to serve people: you, your family, and your business. As wise stewards of our clients’ financial legacies, our purpose is to help you achieve your goals.
Our investing strategy considers tax implications sooner, not later, and is values-based.

We think you should retire on your terms.
No one plans to fail, of course, but after more than a quarter of a century guiding clients towards the lives they’ve dreamed of and worked long and hard for, we’ve seen far too many people fail to . At TFP, our approach to tax planning is what sets us – and our financial plans – apart.

Strategic Tax Planning is the foundation.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there is no faster way to build wealth than to keep more of what you’ve earned by paying the least possible amount of income tax. What makes it happen isn’t magic but hard work executed with expertise and the right plan.

Invest with Tax Impact fully understood.
If your financial advisor isn’t properly assessing the tax impact of your investments, it’s something to think about. Investing and tax planning go hand in hand, and with us it’s in the family. We seamlessly co-ordinate client services with TFP Investment Counsel Corp.

TFP: Total Financial Planning Services.
We draw upon a comprehensive portfolio of services to tailor plans to each client’s needs and dreams. Plans are then executed by seasoned professionals to achieve them. You’ll see it in our approach to your tax return; we aren’t a tax mill. We work one-on-one, taking into account your unique situation.

Technology linked with Best Practices.
We feature the full range of tools and resources and leverage them expertly. We help you achieve your financial goals.

TFP: Defined by our Core Values.
Clients aren’t numbers to us. We’ve built our business by serving people – and keeping our promises – one relationship at a time since 1985 . Clients that became our friends, as the next generation became new clients that became our friends.

Let’s talk and see if we’re a fit. To discuss tax issues, investment direction, or a little advice without strings, there is no cost or obligation to get the conversation .