Planning Process

The TFP Planning Process

We ask you the right questions, listen, and then get to work.



FIVE RETIREMENT QUESTIONSTFP Tax and Financial Planning Corppay-less-tax-T1-T4-vancouver-575px

To help you, we have to understand you; and that means where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go. Five topics can’t address everything, but they offer a solid starting point. Most critically, we’ve designed our process to give prospective clients first-hand insight into how we think and precisely what we’ll do, before they engage us.

  • How much income will you need?
    After tax and inflation, to live the life you envision.
  • Do you have an Estate Plan?
    To safeguard your financial legacy for loved ones.
  • Do you have a Tax Strategy?
    Don’t default on what’s within your power to control.
  • What about your options?
    Withdraw RRSPs with the least possible tax.
  • How are your investments doing?
    You deserve solid returns with acceptable risk.



  • Initial Discovery Meeting
    This is where we get to know each other and see if we’re a good a fit. We’ll ask the right questions, but you’ll find we’re even better listeners. With your goals defined, we get to work.
  • Plan Presentation Meeting
    We present the plan designed to achieve your goals. Options and all associated costs are disclosed before getting started, with absolutely no cost or obligation for you.
  • Moving Forward Meetings
    Should you engage us, we’ll meet regularly. Statements keep you informed with updated performance, and we’ll always be vigilant to keep you on track.