Our first objective: reduce your tax burden by 25 – 50% or more.


Tax FormsThe Tax Man Cometh – A TFP Financial Plan prepares you.

Most of us feel we’re paying way too much income tax, but too many of us throw up our hands thinking there’s nothing to be done about it and write the check. If you’re tired of that, we have a better idea. Our simple common sense solution starts with a Free Consultation and an introduction to Strategic Tax Planning from TFP.

Keep more of what you earn – TFP clients save up to 50%.

Tax planning is both our passion and a core strength. We begin with a review of your investment strategy in order to fully understand your goals. Then, with the right plan in place, you’ll save on your taxes this year, next year, and for many years in the future. It’s not magic; it’s planning and hard work that strategically reduces taxes.

We think you should retire richer, sooner and on your terms.


If tax planning isn’t part of twice yearly meetings with your accountant or investment advisor, at TFP we think it should be. You’ve worked hard for all you’ve earned, and we think nothing is more important – or easier – than exploring your tax saving options with people that put tax planning first. It’s how you’ll retire sooner, richer and on your terms.

Meetings with TFP are free – we charge only for services.

We’re not one of those firms that nickels and dimes you for every meeting, phone call or email. We earn our income from fees, transparently presented in plain English, not legalese or finance-speak. We meet with clients - typically twice a year - to review, to assess, and to ensure you’re on-track and on the way to living the life you’ve earned.

A TFP Plan Prepares You

Stop paying too much income tax, check out our common sense solutions.

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Keep More of What You Earn

TFP clients save up to 50%.
It’s not magic; it’s planning.

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Retire Richer, Sooner

If tax planning isn’t part of twice yearly strategy meetings, it should be.

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Meetings with TFP are Free

We charge only for services – our fees are transparent and in plain English.

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“Earning lots of money is terrific. Paying less tax on it is even better.”


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  • Thanks a bunch for taking good financial care of my savings over the past many years & thanks for being a good friend and for being there.

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  • Thank you so much. I cannot believe I am getting such great tax savings. It is so totally welcome. Thanks for your support, it meant a lot!

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  • Thank you for looking after me so well.

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  • Your tax fee was the best $ I have ever spent. (Compared to the tax savings).

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  • I am really glad you have been helping me with taxes and investments these past 10 years.

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  • Thank you for listening and helping with the decisions to be made. Retiring is hard work. There is a lot to think about. I can now clear all the paperwork off my table.

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